Same world, new mindset


You cannot change the world, but you can change your perspective on it” OR „Perspective is everything” – both sound like a cliché. But what happens when these stereotypes are put into action? They no longer appear to be stereotypes.

I’ve been working hard lately to get rid of things in my life that I don’t need, like unhealthy food, situations, and habits. With people, there’s not much you can do; they are who they are, and their background is what it is; therapists nowadays are constantly reminding us to stay away of people’s past (& traumas!) and focus on avoiding negative energies and influences.

Well-being – the right thoughts, words and actions or Unsubscribing from negativity are two of the most recent articles on this topic.

It is essential to say that it does not always work. There are times when you can avoid negative energies and times when your shield is ineffective.

It’s okay.

Simply persevere and keep the end goal in mind: good vibes only!

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